New Entrepreneur Podcast by Reid Hoffman

Masters of Scale is a new entrepreneur podcast series from WaitWhat in association with Stitcher.

Masters of Scale - Entrepreneur Podcast by Reid Hoffman

The Podcast

On this show, they have guests like Mark Zuckerberg & Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Reed Hastings (Netflix), Eric Schmidt (Google) and Brian Chesky (Airbnb). They cover several topics like raising enough money when to do things that Scale and things that don’t Scale, good and bad business ideas, innovation, hiring, company culture and founder’s grit.

The show has a really light and humorous tone. This, together with high-quality guests and topics, makes it really easy to listen to the 30-minute episodes.

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Billions in Change – Technology and Innovation to Build a Better Future


Manoj Bhargava is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder and CEO of 5-hour Energy company. His net worth is over $4 billion, but the most interesting part about him, is that he is giving away more then 90% of it to build a better future for the world thought the movement Billions in Change.

Billions in Change is a movement to save the world by creating solutions, through technology and innovation, to the most basic global problems – water, energy and health.

They are working on several projects right now like:

  • Free Electric – A hybrid bicycle that you pedal for one hour and have electricity for one day.
  • Limitless Energy – Using graphene to conduct energy, in the form of heat, from underneath the earth, pollution free.
  • Rain Maker – Produce fresh water from sea water.
  • Renew – An ECP (External Counter Pulsation) device that can make people healthier by assisting the hearth pulsations and reducing heart problems

But I don’t want to spoil too much of the film because it really worths being watched!

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Innovation isn’t creativity, it’s a discipline your master.

– Unkown – If you know the source just comment below 😉