Startup Technical Due Diligence Calculator by Point Nine Capital

Trying to analyze the current state of your startup and prepare it to handle the possible troubles, that the future will bring, is not always an easy task. But there are a few resources that can help you do that. One of them is the Startup Technical Due Diligence Calculator, by Point Nine Capital.

This technical calculator consists on a series of questions that will help you identify the current technical state of your startup. And possibly identify a few red flags that could become a bigger problem in the future.

Startup Technical Due Diligence

In this Startup Technical Due Diligence Calculator, you will find:

– A list of questions by topic that help us understand how are you building your tech and engineering team.
– Suggested answers to each different question.
– A suggested rating for each of the different answers, that tries to weight it’s importance in a well performing early-stage startup engineering team.

The calculator is composed by three sections: Assessment, Learning and Teaching and this will help you identify:

  • How the product has been built until TODAY
  • If it will work TOMORROW when success brings trouble
  • Product development speed of the company
  • Leadership skills of their managers
  • People-management skills of the tech founder

Here is the direct link to the calculator.