Resources To Learn and Get Good with Laravel 5


I played around a little with Laravel, a couple of years ago, during their version three, but then I ended up diving deep into the Yii Framework instead (work related reasons).

Recently, I decided to go back into it, after they release the version 5, and I was surprised with the huge rise that it had in terms of community and learning resources.

The following list of resources was compiled , for personal use, during my initial research to get up to speed with the new version of the framework. So, if you are trying to getting evolved with Laravel now, check this list first! 😉

The Docs:

No surprise here, the docs should be the first place to go when learning a new framework and Laravel has an amazingly complete and easy to read documentation.

Homestead Installation:

The recommended development environment is using Homestead, which is their  official, pre-packaged Vagrant “box” with all the dependencies you need.


There are a lot of tutorials and series that your can learn from. My favorites are the Laracasts series about the fundamentals and new features from the versions 5.1 to 5.4.

A series from Codecourse on building a social network (as a more hands-on example).

A training series “from 0 to deploy” (still in development).

You can also check more resources at:



This is a really important place to go if you want to be updated with the latest developments in the framework, report bugs, get some help or event start contributing to it yourself.


Links (by Laravel News)

This resource it’s a pretty recent one and works as a curated link submission for the community. Really good stuff getting submitted!!






As well as some important names in the community like:

@jeffrey_way@daylerees, @jasonclewis@philsturgeon@stauffermatt, amoung others…



80 Laravel Tutorials, Packages, and Resources from 2016 (Year Review)

And one of the most important resources of all…

Practice!!! Build stuff, break stuff, play around with the framework. That’s the best way to learn!

(This list will be updated as I find new resources…)