Feedly Slideshow Automation – When Laziness meets JavaScript



This post comes after one of those “when you’re so lazy to slide though your Feedly news that you write some JavaScript code to automate it” situations. Of course, if you’re not a lazy person or a programming geek like me, you may never have had one of those situations…

I guess I am not the only one who has one or more RSS collection on which I don’t want to read all the news. Only scroll through and check if something interesting catches my attention.

Those are the perfect collections for me to check while I am eating or just taking my break near the computer. Even more perfect if I don’t have to click for the news to change! :)

I use Feedly (big fan btw!) to manage my RSS feeds, but unfortunately they don’t have an auto slide function (at least that I know). So I decided to make my own! If you also want this feature or you’re just curious, check the video and the code bellow:



The script used in the video can be obtained on this gist: (I know this code is not amazing, it was not suppose to be! Feel free to comment here or on the gist with an improved version.)

The script is very simple! It basically adds a key up event listener that will use the keys ‘q’ and ‘w’ to respectively start and stop the slideshow. The slideshow it’s not more then a setInterval with the defined timeout that will trigger a click on the slide arrow on Feedly.

The plugin used in the video to inject the script into Feedly’s website is InjectCode (Chrome plugin). Really simple and useful plugin if your all the time running the same scripts.

InjectCode PLugin

Feel free to try this or to leave any comments bellow.