SCRUM – The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

If you’re not familiar with SCRUM, it is a very powerful set of principles and methods that empower teams to deliver increments of a product faster and in an iterative way. This means using short cycles of development while gathering constant feedback and adapting to eventual changes in product vision or customer needs.

I have been working with SCRUM for a few years now and, for me, always was one of those things that I could clearly see the value of using it but never took the time to dive deeper into the foundation and the principles behind it. So, a few months ago, when the startup where I work (Infraspeak) had the idea of creating a “book club” for the team, with the purpose of encouraging reading and knowledge sharing, I decided to change that.


This book, from Jeff Sutherland, is not exactly a straightforward technical book. And although it goes into good detail about the technical parts of SCRUM, they are presented to you through a series of stories and past experiences from the writer with the purpose of not only give you the ins and outs of SCRUM but also the foundations behind the principles and a few Ah Ah moments during its creation.

Due to this, the idea of this article is to extract those technical parts of the book and presents them here, in a summarized form.

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