Easy Thumbnail Generation in PHP (Laravel Example)

Nowadays, thumbnail generation in PHP (or any other language) is a requirement for every modern Web App or Website we built. The time of resizing images on the front end is mostly gone. And, although thumbnail generation in PHP a relatively simple task already, the Intervention library makes it even more ridiculously easy.

Thumbnail Generation in PHP and Laravel


Require the library through composer:

composer require intervention/image

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Resources To Learn and Get Good with Laravel 5


I played around a little with Laravel, a couple of years ago, during their version three, but then I ended up diving deep into the Yii Framework instead (work related reasons).

Recently, I decided to go back into it, after they release the version 5, and I was surprised with the huge rise that it had in terms of community and learning resources.

The following list of resources was compiled , for personal use, during my initial research to get up to speed with the new version of the framework. So, if you are trying to getting evolved with Laravel now, check this list first! 😉

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